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Functions nlp$resetUserTimes


   call nlp$resetUserTimes
   call nlp$getUserTimes(elapsedTime, &
                                        & UserModeTime, &
                                        & KernelModeTime, &
                                        & TotalCPUTime)

1. elapsedTime, 4-byte real variable, returns elapsed time in second
2. UserModeTime, 4-byte real variable, returns CPU time in user mode in second
3. KernelModeTime, 4-byte real variable, returns CPU time in kernel mode in second
4. TotalCPUTime, 4-byte real variable, returns total CPU time in second


        The function nlp$resetUserTimes initializes a process for collecting user times, and the function nlp$getUserTimes gets the time in second since the latest call to nlp$resetUserTime. For example,

! initialize timer
    call nlp$resetUserTimes
    !! do computing
! get the time to this instance
    call nlp$getUserTimes(elapsed_time, &
                                         & user_cpu_time,&
                                         & kernel_cpu_time, &)
                                         & total_cpu_time)