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Function nlp$staySoftCore

      call nlp$staySoftCore
        This function does not have an argument.


        This function sets each soft core to an individual physical core. For example, set the first soft core to the first physical core, and the second soft core to the second physical core, and so on.

        By default, a soft core is not set to a particular physical core. neuLoop allows operating system to dynamically schedule soft cores on physical cores. Operating system balances loads on physical cores, and a soft core may be scheduled or moved among physical cores.

        By default, neuLoop allows operating system to schedule soft cores automatically. If an application desires to have each soft core to be set to an individual physical core, application can call the function, nlp$staySoftCore.

        This function should be called before the first call to nlp$use; Otherwise calling this function has no effect. The other situation to call this function is after calling nlp$done (that reset the parameters) and before calling nlp$use.