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Function nlp$done

      call nlp$done
        This function does not have any argument.


        This function releases system resources that have allocated up to the time when this function is called. After an application is terminated, operating system should automatically clear the system sources that have allocated in the application. However, operating system may not do what we expect every time. The function nlp$done provides a way for an application to clear the resources, by itself, that have allocated in the application. This function should be called before an application terminates, and could be treated as the last function to call neuLoop.

        The other benefit from calling this function is that the parameters in neuLoop will be reset. After calling nlp$done, all parameters in neuLoop are rest. After calling this function, application cannot dispatch jobs. If application needs to dispatch jobs again, the application needs to call nlp$use to create soft cores. Usually, this function is called when no more jobs for soft cores.