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      call nlp$createlock(lockid)
      call nlp$deletelock(lockid)
      call nlp$lock(lockid)
      call nlp$unlock(lockid)
where lockid, 4-byte integer, is lock identity. The function nlp$createlock returns lockid. User cannot change the lockid. Functions nlp$deletelock, nlp$lock and nlp$unlock need the lockid.


        A lock is created by the function nlp$createlock. When the lock is no longer necessary, the lock can be deleted by the function nlp$deletelock.

        Lock is for soft cores to enter critical section. A critical section is accessed by the lock holder. Before entering a critical section, soft core needs to call the function nlp$lock, and becomes the lock holder after returning from the call. If the lock is held by other soft core, a call to nlp$lock blocks the caller until the lock holder releases the lock. Only one soft core can hold the lock at a time. The function nlp$unlock releases the lock. For example,
  call nlp$lock(lockid)
  !! critical section that is accessed
  !! by one soft core at a time
  call nlp$unlock(lockid)