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Parallel Computing: Change Log

Mar. 17
A bug in neuLoop soft core was fixed, which might act incorrectly when enabling more than 32 cores.

Nov. 17
Library of LAIPE2 is re-generated with new partitioning scheme.

July 13
Homogeneous and heterogeneous soft cores in neuLoop were reprogrammed in new algorithm, with less overhead.

May 06
Auxiliary subroutines of LAIPE2 are released for gfortran. Those subroutines are for manipulations of soft computing elements and collection of timing results.

May 04
LAIPE2 for system equations is released for gfortran. The release has solvers for the most common system equations, including parallel dense solvers, parallel sparse solvers (e.g., parallel band solver and parallel skyline solver)

Feb. 19
Fixing a bug in neuLoop homogeneous cores --- failing to determine number of active loops.

Dec. 22
The new programming language, neuLoop, is released.

Mar. 18
A 64-bit LAIPE benchmark for Windows compiled with gfortran is available for download at here.

Dec. 03
An article entitled "OpenMP: Parallel Computing for Dummies" is posted. For the article, click here.

Nov. 08
An article entitled "Is Co-Array the Future of Parallel Computing?" is available. For the article, click here.

Aug. 21
Cache coherency may degrade parallel performance on memory-sharing machine. To see an illustration, click here.

June 19
In our previous log, we indicated there is a workaround for Silverfrost FTN95 users to link against LAIPE library for ifort. That is not always correct. The workaround only works when object code of LAIPE subroutine has references to the same symbols in ifort and FTN95. Every compiler has its own supporting symbols. If a reference is different, there is no way for FTN95 program to link against LAIPE library for ifort.

June 15
Equatrion Solution had attempted to port the package of parallel solvers, LAIPE, with MTASK, to Silverfrost FTN95 (formally Salford FTN95). For more information about Silverfrost FTN95, please visit their website at www.silverfrost.com. We have good news, and also have bad news.