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Introduction A Example of 2D Cable Structure
        mCable is a finite element package for analysis of two-dimensional and three-dimensional cable structures. mCable include m2Cable for two-dimensional cables, and m3Cable is for three-dimensional cables.

        The package has preprocessor and postprocessor. Preprocessor is for user to input cable structure. The analysis engine is incorporated in the postprocessor. Postprocessor analyzes cable structure, and provides graphical interfaces for users to examine deformed shape, deformed joint position, internal force, cable elongation and support reaction.


Introduction C Example of 3D Cable Structure
        The cable element programmed in mCable is catenary cable, which is assumed to have a constant cross-sectional area and uniform weight. External loads are applied to joint, and thermal load is uniformly applied in cable. Input items for catenary element include two joinds, cross-sectional area, unit weight (not mass), unstrained length, Young's modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion, and temperature change.


        m2Cable and m3Cable are programmed in Java. The program downloaded below is not native executable. Microsoft Virtual Machine is required to run the programs. However, Microsoft Java Virtual Machine has reached its end of life on December 31, 2007. If your computer does not have Java Virtual Machine, you need to install Sun Java Runtime Environments (JRE). Equation Solution have planed to produce native executables that will be available for download in the future.
      1) m2Cable for Windows: (Download)
      2) m3Cable for Windows: (Download)