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Numerical Analysis: Change Log

Aug. 26
JCL was updated to fix a bug reported by Dr. Kudryashov

July 25
A comparison between JCL (heuristic algorithm) and exact solution algorithm (brute-force search), "mbidf" and "mbpsf", in bandwidth reduction has been made. To see significant difference between heuristic algorithm and exact solution algorithm, click here.

July 18
A comparison between JCL and GPS in bandwidth reduction has been made. There is no surprise JCL out-performs GPS in bandwidth reduction. In profile reduction, JCL also beats GPS. To see comparisons, click here.

June 24
JCL is based on the article "Algorithms for reducing the bandwidth and profile of a sparse matrix", computers & structures, Vol. 44, no. 3, 1992. The original algorithm numbers vertices level by level. Vertices in a level may be disjointed. On level-by-level approach, conditions to number disjointed vertices cannot be alway pre-determined. Equation Solution has expanded the algorithm. JCL has a new scheme, that allows vertices to be numbered strip by strip. The new scheme in JCL can pre-determine conditions to number vertices disjointed in a level.