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Auxiliary Subroutines

        The auxiliary subroutines are for collection of timing results and manipulations of soft cores or computing tasks, and are optional.

        LAIPE includes the following auxiliary subroutines:

Subroutine Purpose
laipe$done The subroutine releases system resources.
laipe$getce The subroutine returns the number of available computing elements (e.g., cores)
laipe$use The subroutine defines the number of computing elements for the subsequent computing
laipe$resetUserTimes The subroutine resets the timer to collect timing data
laipe$getUserTimes The subroutine gets the timing results from the latest reset
laipe$staySoftCore The subroutine stays each soft core on an individual physical core where it was initially scheduled (e.g., soft core or task) not be rescheduled to other physical core (or processor)

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